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Dawn Employees "Got-on-the-job" in the Lockdown Area, and Warm People With Full Heart to Fight Against the COVID-19
Release Date:2022-11-17
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On the morning of November 12th, Jiang Sicheng, General Secretary of the Party Branch of Beizaoqian Village, Longgang Street, Longkou City, walked into Dawn Groups headquarters’ building with a pennant in which the words "Bravely took responsibility in the face of the epidemic, and warmed peoples hearts with collaborative anti-epidemic performance" were written and a thank-you letter to express his deep respect and gratitude to Xie Ligong and Yu Lili, employees of Dawn Group, who participated in the anti-epidemic volunteer service during the lockdown and control of the village.



Jiang Sicheng said, on the evening of October 29th, according to the needs of the epidemic prevention and control, the village was managed statically. "If you need help, just call me!" That night, Xie Ligong was the first to volunteer in the village WeChat group. Soon, he was assigned to the night shift. "I was mainly responsible for patrol, flow adjustment, transfer, and coordination of door-to-door nucleic acid sampling." Xie Ligong said that for the first 3 nights, he stuck to his post by himself. In those days, the sea breeze was strong, the temperature was low, and the night was very long.

"As a veteran and a party member, I must move forward when there is any difficulties!" Xie Ligong who is 47 years old, is an electrician in the maintenance class of Administration Department of Dawn Group. He said that Dawn's normalized epidemic prevention had done a good job. He was imperceptibly influenced by what he constantly saw and heard, and deeply understood the importance of winning the fight against the epidemic.

"A new round of epidemic struck, and my family members and villagers were locked at home. I have the responsibility and obligation to stand on duty and perform diligently. " He started work at 6:30 pm and finished it at 6:30 am every day. "Every time I go home, I do the disinfection work, and then go back to the room slightly. I must pay attention to the scientific anti-epidemic, and I must not bring risks to the family. " Xie Ligong said.

Compared with the dedication of party member Xie Ligong, Yu Lili's story of the common people is more contagious.

Yu Lili is the sales manager of Dawn Mould Plastic Company. With the related order, she was isolated at home. She wondered, "Under the epidemic, what can I do for the village?" So, she called Secretary Jiang Sicheng's phone. When she learned that staff were urgently needed, she got on the job immediately". However, it's been less than a month since her heart stent surgery. She put aside the doctor's advice of "rest more and don't get tired".


Delivering anti-epidemic materials, distributing daily necessities, especially targeted door-to-door delivering of emergency medicines, had been Yu Lili's daily work. There are more than 800 households and more than 3,000 people in Beizaoqian Village, and the task of material guaranteeing is extremely heavy. After distributing the materials from the centralized point, she needed to drive a private car to deliver. "Fatigue after surgery made me exhausted several times. Liu Ying, director of the People's Congress of Longgang Street, noticed the abnormality and asked me whether I could hold on or not. I smiled and said it was all right. When the materials were delivered to the villagers as soon as possible, everyone's life could be settled and my heart could be at ease. "

On the fourth day of the lockdown, an unforgettable thing happened. At 8 am that day, a resident surnamed Zhang with breast cancer needed to go to the hospital for hemodialysis. But she was isolated at home alone, and was exhausted because of her illness. "I brought a stool and let her sit down. Then squatted down and helped her put on the protective clothing from the feet and put on the mask. She was strengthless, so I need to make more effort. " A simple action also took a long time. When the 120 ambulance arrived, everything was packed up, "I was sweating, but my heart was warm."


Be responsible in times of crisis. " Fearless of the cold and fatigue, they have been the backbone of the epidemic prevention front, and they are the cutest people on the 'epidemic' prevention line." Jiang Sicheng's words of thanks were filled with gratitude. Wang Keyou, vice president of Dawn Group, said that "responsibility" and "gratefulness" are the distinctive labels of Dawn's core values. In addition to her responsibility to fight the epidemic, over the years, Yu Lili has actively participated in voluntary service activities such as poverty alleviation and child support, and has persisted in donating blood for 20 years to save lives.” This was a microcosm of "Being thankful to society" of Dawn people, and it was also a vivid practice of Dawn people's gratitude culture.