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Let’s Meet in Longkou for a Win-win Future! Dawn Signed 4 High-end Projects to Promote the High-quality Development of the Industrial Park
Release Date:2022-11-17
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On November 10th, Longkou City held a key industry and high-end low-carbon, green and new material industrial park investment promotion conference in Shanghai, aiming to build a face-to-face communication platform, promote precise docking, and produce more high-quality cooperation results. At the promotion meeting, Dawn Group signed a total of 4 high-end cooperation projects with an investment amount of nearly CNY 1 billion, involving in special fluorine materials, automated instrument manufacturing, high-end manufacturing industrial bases and nano-iron oxide magnetic materials fields.


On the morning of that day, a promotion conference with the theme of "Meeting in Longkou City for a Win-Win Future" opened at Primus Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao, which mainly included city introduction, industry analysis, keynote speeches, high-end forums, project signing and other links. Leaders of Yantai City and Longkou City, guests of industrial association, experts and scholars, and representatives of contracted enterprises attended the event. Yu Xiaoning, chairman and president of Dawn Group, signed the project agreements with the person in charge of the cooperative enterprises, opening the road of strong alliance and win-win development.


At present, Longkou City is anchoring in the goal of a world-class green petrochemical industrial base and is building an industrial cluster integrating large-scale petrochemical, high-end chemical, and new material industries. As a leader of private enterprises in Longkou City, Dawn Group focuses on the R&D, polymerization, production, sales, and application of new materials. Its key core technologies won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Invention Award, and its thermoplastic vulcanizate TPV, melt-blown material, and other products entered the global competition arena. Dawn Group is a Chinese first-class and internationally renowned polymer new material manufacturing base.

According to reports, Longkou New Material Science and Technology Industrial Park built and managed by Dawn Group locates in the northwest of Longkou City. Taking the chain cluster development of new polymer materials as the leading factor, it echoes and complements with Yulong Petrochemical Industrial Park, Wanhua New Materials Low-Carbon Industrial Park, Yantai Chemical Industrial Park, and Longkou High-end Low-Carbon Green New Materials Industrial Park to jointly plan to build a trillion-level high-end low-carbon new material base on the south of the Yellow River and Bohai Sea to meet the needs of high-end new materials in aerospace, rail transit, medical and sanitary materials, communication electronics, automotive appliances, new energy, and other fields.


In the high-end forum, Chairman Yu Xiaoning talked about his feelings on the status quo, situation, and business environment of Longkou's economic and social development from three aspects: favorable timing, geographical and human conditions. He said that Longkou City had formed a chain-type industrial cluster with vertical connection, horizontal coverage, and mutual empowerment of the upper, middle, and down streams, and the regional economic development was full of stamina and vitality. "Longkou city has obvious geographical advantages, convenient transportation, and complete infrastructure and energy supply." Chairman Yu Xiaoning said that Longkou's increasingly perfect business environment, ample and broad market space, and policy dividends that benefit and help enterprises have provided fertile soil for the healthy development of the real economy.

"We will take this signing as an opportunity to further strengthen the communication, promote the project to take root and bear fruit early, and write a beautiful chapter of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation." Chairman Yu Xiaoning said that Dawn has national enterprise technology center, public service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in Shandong Province, and other scientific and technological innovation carriers, which help the upstream, midstream, and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain of the park to develop, produce and apply products, and build a development system of "An enterprise, a park, and an industry".

"To make the industrial park refined, to develop the wholly-owned enterprises well, to combine with the joint ventures, and to serve the foreign-funded enterprises well," is the construction policy of the park. Chairman Yu Xiaoning said that Dawn would actively integrate upstream, midstream, and downstream industry resources, build an industrial ecology where the industrial chain, product chain, and enterprise chain promote each other with the interconnection among industries, the synergy among products, and the resonance development among enterprises, form an industrial cluster with prominent main business and strong competitiveness, and build a world-class high-end chemical new material production and application base.