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Inspiring the Morale, Brightening the Direction, and Enhancing the Confidence! Dawn Held the Third Quarter Business Analysis and Strategy Decoding Meeting
Release Date:2022-11-09
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A few days ago, Dawn Groups third quarter business operating analysis of 2022 and strategy decoding meeting of 2023 was held at Dawn Business School, aiming to summarize the past, commend the advanced, decode the future, inspire and mobilize the majority of cadres and employees to recognize the situation, enhance their confidence, and jointly discuss the deployment of the next year's goals and tasks. Yu Xiaoning, Chairman and President of Dawn Group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

At 7:30 a.m of that day, the business analysis meeting for the third quarter of 2022 with the theme of "Fighting for the Fourth Quarter, and Anchoring the New Goals" kicked off with the majestic national anthem. The conference had the main venue in Dawn Business School and 9 different video sub-venues in Yantai, Qingdao, Shanghai, Chongqing and Beijing.

At the meeting, Xiao Hui, executive vice president of Dawn Group, briefed the operation in the third quarter, and vice presidents Song Huidong, Qiu Huanling, Wang Keyou and Liu Lili reported Dawn Groups finance, market, the Dawn industrial park and human resources work respectively. Based on the guiding ideology of Dawn Group, the general managers of each business unit made a comprehensive summary of the work in the third quarter by using tools such as "four quantities, one efficiency and two rates". From the perspective of operating data and financial data, Dawn Group continued to maintain a good development trend in the third quarter. Its production, sales and revenue indicators all created the best quarterly levels in history.

The meeting commended and rewarded the business units that ranked first in the third quarter and won the Best Profit and Double Growth Award, and members of the leadership team of Dawn Group presented awards to the winning units.


Dawn Polymer:

The first prize in the comprehensive ranking of the first-class enterprises of Dawn Group in the third quarter, and the double growth award in the third quarter


International Logistics Company:

The first prize in the comprehensive ranking of the second-class enterprises of Dawn Group in the third quarter, and the double growth award in the third quarter



Engineering Construction Company: the first prize in the comprehensive ranking of the third-class enterprises of Dawn Group in the third quarter


Yantai Dawn: Outstanding Benefit Award in the Third Quarter

(Vice President Liu Lili, on behalf of Yantai Dawn, took the stage to accept the award)


Real Estate Company: Double Growth Award in the Third Quarter

In the subsequent strategic decoding session, Xiao Hui, executive vice president, explained the strategic decoding of Dawn Group in 2023. Through "Determining the benchmarks, objectives, measures, projects, and assessments", the innovative strategy decoding model and the seven tough battles of Dawn Group in 2023 was determined, the time nodes of strategic matters, key tasks and construction projects was refined, and the assessment and evaluation system was simultaneously optimized to make the path of strategic decoding clearer and the method more scientific.

The general managers of each business unit scientifically and rationally formulated the 2023 tasks and goals, summed up in place and analyzed comprehensively, and used firm beliefs and powerful measures to promote the implementation of various tasks and achieve practical results. Chairman Yu Xiaoning commented on the work ideas of each unit, and put forward suggestions for revision and improvement, laying a solid foundation for each work to a new level.

Chairman Yu Xiaoning affirmed the achievements made in the first three quarters and emphasized the problems existing in the current work. All cadres and employees are required to recognize the macro situation and integrate entrepreneurial passion and family and country feel into the development process. It is necessary to optimize the strategic direction, abide by the chain development idea, and anchor the strategic goal of "focusing on one circle and three chains, strengthening the three major sectors, refining the affiliated enterprise, realizing the three modernizations, and moving towards two hundred billion", strongly promote the supporting projects, implement industry resource mergers and acquisitions, focus on the industrial layout idea of "taking Longkou headquarters as the core, radiating southeast and northwest, and connecting from upstream, midstream to downstream", speed up the construction of key projects for replenishment and extension of the chain, and rapidly promote the investment mergers and acquisitions of upstream and downstream resources in the industry.

Chairman Yu Xiaoning emphasized that it was necessary to unswervingly implement the strategy and guiding ideology of Dawn Group to win the fourth quarter and exceed the goals and tasks of the whole year. It was necessary to continue to practice the business philosophy of "product-based, people-oriented, technology-led, and customer-first", keep up with the general trend of the times, focus on the annual blueprint, strengthen endogenous drive, dancing, building, and sharing in the grand journey of transitioning from a professional enterprise to an expert enterprise, expanding from "one circle and one chain" to "one circle and three chains", step forward from "two strong industries" to strengthening "three major sectors", accelerate the realization of the "two hundred billion" strategic goals of 100 billion-level enterprises and 100-billion-level parks.