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Fully Implement “Three Clearings and Three Strengthens”|Dawn Group: Relying on, Struggling, and Fighting; Being Urgent, Enthusiastic, and Passionate
Release Date:2022-02-18
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In the early spring, vegetation sprouts. Entering into Longkou New Materials Science and Technology Industrial Park from Heping Road, the Dawn Bridge with the "D" letter of "Dawn" as the source of its shape was under construction. Yu Xiaoning, chairman and president of Dawn Group, told reporters that the bridge was constructed before the New Year of 2022 and resumed on the ninth day of the New Year. It will be put into use in June. After completion, it can not only run through the main road of the park and Heping North Road but also connect the eastern and western Dawn Lake. " The bridge will become another iconic landscape of Dawn Park and another beautiful scenic line in Xicheng District of Longkou City." Yu Xiaoning said.


Lv Bo, Secretary of Longkou Municipal Party Committee, investigated the construction of Dawn Project

"Yantai's 'Three Clearings and Three Strengthens' Conference will promote our enterprises to move, actively implement the spirit of the meeting, and implement them in a vigorous and resolute manner." Yu Xiaoning said happily that Dawn Group's work spirit of "relying on, fighting, and struggling" and the work style of "being urgent, enthusiastic, and passionate" exactly inherited the spirit of "Three clearings and three strengthens", and was the practical path to implement the Yantai Conference.

Dawn Polymer's exhibition hall is clean, quiet, and bright. The ladder-shaped decorations on the wall after entering the door caught the reporter's attention. Under each grid, the development process from the establishment of Dawn in 2002 to 2021 is recorded. Stepping up to a new level every year, Dawn Polymer's innovative development and the momentum to climb in the industrial field not only reflects the company's "Three Doings and Three Beings" requirements but also annotates the "Three Clearings and Three Strengthens" vividly.


National Enterprise Technology Center of Dawn Polymer

In fact, the spirit of "Three Doings " runs through Dawn Group's 30-year development history. In that year, Yu Xiaoning led a team of 5 people to start the voyage of Dawn's development with CNY200,000. It is with this spirit that Dawn Group continues to grow and develop into a modern enterprise integrating science, industry, trading, logistics, and finance.

Talking about the work ideas for 2022, Yu Xiaoning said that efforts would be made in three aspects. The first one is to stabilize the market and continuously improve the performance of existing industries; the second one is to launch new projects and increase investment in provincial projects and sub-projects, and ensure that they can be put into production as planned; the third one is to further enrich the scientific research force and achieve the goal of recruiting 1,000 workers.


Li Wanping, Mayor of Long kou city, investigated the construction of Dawn Project

 The style of "Being urgent, enthusiastic and passionate" is vividly displayed on the project construction site and construction progress. In Shandong Dawn Degradable Materials Co., Ltd., the construction of a 60,000-tons per year biodegradable resin synthesis unit is under construction which is expected to be put into operation in August 2022. In the same period, 120,000 tons/year of degradable resin supporting upstream, midstream, and downstream industrial chain products will be planned and designed. By then, it will become one of the few competitive companies in the world with well-connected industrial chains.

On the construction site of Dawn-SWT (Longkou) high-end nonwoven production base project, the main body of the No.2 workshop is completed, the internal supporting construction is underway, and some equipment are installed in place. The project is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, and sales of Bi-component nonwoven fabrics, and is committed to becoming the most dynamic and innovative enterprise in the nonwoven industry. After the project is put into production, it can achieve 100,000 tons of non-woven fabrics’ annual production capacity.


High-end Nonwoven Production Base Project

The new polymer material industry is the core business of Dawn Group. Yu Xiaoning said that he would implement innovation-driven development, continue to build product chain, enterprise chain, and industrial chain, and promote the effective application of new materials in the fields of automotive and home appliances, communication and electronics, aerospace, medical and health care, and mass consumption. "The market is changing. Dawn must seize the opportunity to fully start the strategic journey of transitioning from a professional enterprise to an expert enterprise, and make great strides towards the development goal of 100 billion-level enterprises and 100-billion-level parks."